Wait to apply to become an IBA Buddy!

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be active in IBA for at least 1 semester.
    • If you were abroad in Fall 2016 and unable to be an active member of IBA, please make note of it in the application.
  • Be in "good standing" with the University (TAMU Student Rule 27.1.2)
  • Be willing to serve as a Buddy for the entire Spring 2018 semester.
  • Be willing to be an active member of IBA for the entire Spring 2018 semester.
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We understand that date has likely not been set, but please estimate when you'll be returning. Include things such as if you can return to school early, if you will be at summer school, etc.
Do you have a vehicle? *
Not a requirement. (It's for records)
Have you participated in a similar program at TAMU or abroad? *
Not a requirement of eligibility, rather, it helps with placement.
There is no length requirement, but please be thorough enough to give us insight.
There is no guarantee of placement.
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I understand the responsibilities of the position and agree to uphold the standards specified. *