About the IBA Buddy Program

Adjusting to a new cultural environment can be exciting and challenging. New international students often have a lot of questions and concerns and the Buddy Program was created to ease the transition, with current U.S. and international students helping new students. The Buddy Program allows Texas A&M students to meet new people from different countries, obtain intercultural competencies, and expand their international network. Welcoming and helping the exchange students find their way in new surroundings will be very valuable for them and a very satisfying experience for you!

As a new international student, you can apply for the Buddy Program before the fall and spring semester. You will be matched with a current Texas A&M student who can provide guidance during your transition. Our goal is to assign each exchange student a Texas A&M "Buddy", who will help in getting through the first few weeks in their new surroundings. "Buddies" are current Texas A&M students who are in IBA and will help one or more of our international students.

What does it mean to have a Buddy? It means getting help with those first necessary, but sometimes confusing, things that need to be done right away: advice on housing, assistance shopping, help with post offices, and other practical matters.

Prior to departure, each student will receive an email with the name and contact information of the Buddy. Throughout the semester various socials are planned for the international students and their Buddies.